Our scholarships programmes

  • #Solidarity

Diversity, inclusion and solidarity are strong social demands to which companies and schools must respond. It is indeed our social responsibility to act together for equal opportunities in the professional world.

Audencia as a school must ensure accessibility to education and teaching for all, while you as a company must ensure that you promote equality and social inclusion. The value of your company lies in the diversity of your profiles.

To ensure that access to higher education is not restricted to one category of students and to reduce inequalities of opportunity, Audencia is accelerating development of its scholarship programme. This is a response to the growing phenomenon of students believing they are not worthy of seizing the opportunities available but also to your company's needs in terms of recruitment.

Making our teaching accessible to all students.

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Attracting and increasing the range of nationalities welcomed to our programmes to carry out tomorrow’s training of the next generation.

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Accomplishing an internship abroad is a unique opportunity to develop students' adaptability.

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Supporting student entrepreneurship, a source of innovation, economic dynamism and social development for a country.

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Integrating students with disabilities to promote their employability.

€ 14,500
tuition fees on average for 1 year of study
are scholarship students (all scholarships combined)
€ 778,000
Allocated by the Audencia Foundation to scholarships since 2009