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The labour market, the habits of the younger generation, and the evolution of the social and economic context are all elements for consideration in the recruitment race. It is essential for companies to put a long-term employer brand strategy at the heart of their HR policy.

Audencia trains and guides students from high school-leaving level upwards in initial and continuing education programmes thanks to shared academic excellence that cuts across all programmes.

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The Audencia programmes

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A year group on the Grande Ecole Master totals more than 1,000 students including:

  • 47% from economic, commercial or literary intensive foundation course classes.
  • 53% from parallel admissions.
  • 105 dual-skilled students.

The diploma takes place over 4 years, including:

  • More than 10 months of internships.
  • 6 months of study abroad.
  • A 6-month specialisation in marketing, finance or management.
  • The possibility of following a study path in engineering sciences, art, law, literature and culture.
  • 823 students.
  • 3 years of study including 1 year of cumulative work experience, and 1 semester of study abroad.
  • Specialisations and business assignments in sales management, import/export, finance-management control, strategic marketing and communication, etc.
  • Work/study possible in the 3rd year.

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  • 1 year of study including a period of significant length in a company.
  • Lessons in management, human resources and finance.
  • Specialisations in agri-food and industrial purchasing.


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  • More than 70 students.
  • 1 year of training including a 3-month professional assignment.


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  • 280 students.
  • 2 years of study including 12 months of business internships or experience abroad.
  • Possibility of doing the 2nd and 3rd years in work/study format.
  • Case studies: micro-agencies®, content production workshops.


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  • 30,000 graduates throughout the world
  • Over 150 committed alumni ambassadors
  • 103 nationalities
  • More than 200 events per year
  • 160 communities


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By recruiting an Audencia work/study student, you will benefit from working with a young employee who will be available to you for the long term..

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