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Already in the 2000s, Audencia positioned itself as a pioneer busines school in training and guidance for entrepreneurship.

In teaching terms, entrepreneurship has always played a key role in the study paths of the school’s students. The first teaching modules set up 20 years ago have been reinforced and developed in many programmes. Today, it is possible for everyone to commit to and benefit from entrepreneurial experience via the schemes incorporated in their courses: immersive seminars, entrepreneurship majors, business creation professional thesis, specialised programmes, etc.

In tandem, a wealth of varied personalised guidance has been provided to business creation projects. From the first student entrepreneur to benefit from the school’s business incubator in 2003 to the creation of a hybrid incubator shared by three teaching and research establishments in 2015, Audencia has chosen to encourage and support all entrepreneurial initiatives. Coaching from our in-house experts, unrestricted mentoring, pre-incubator entrepreneurial internships, financial support from the Audencia Foundation and entrepreneurship competitions are all part of the guidance that the school makes available to assist with creating businesses.

Each year, more than 200 positive impact* entrepreneurial projects are dreamed up by almost 1,050 students,

*in response to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

More than 40 entrepreneurial projects per year are assisted* from their emergence to their acceleration,

*accompanied by Audencia and the Centrale-Audencia-ENSA incubator.

38 entrepreneurial projects proposed by more than 110 employees including 16 at the school’s incubator*.

*Incubation carried out as part of the Daring Together approach of the ECOS 2025 Strategic Plan.

About the Centrale - Audencia – ENSA incubator

The Centrale-Audencia-ENSA incubator is a programme designed to assist entrepreneurship and its purpose is to promote the creation of innovative businesses in the Pays de la Loire region.

The synergy building, unique in France, between three research and teaching institutions, nationally and internationally renowned in the fields of engineering, management, communication, design and architecture, has enabled the projects at the incubator to benefit from optimal development conditions.

Discover the partners, programmes and start-ups on the Centrale-Audencia-ENSA incubator web site.

+ 100
businesses in activity
+ 10
millions euros raised in 2020
+ 800
direct jobs created

Our ambition

To make Audencia a place for exploration, experimentation and responsible transformation, by means of and for the entrepreneurial commitments of its communities


Steered by the Exploration & Entrepreneurship Department, this approach aims to make Audencia a place for exploration, experimentation and responsible transformation, by means of and for the entrepreneurial commitments of its communities. An offer of service is available on request to contribute to the success of business creation projects initiated at the school and/or to benefit from guidance with innovation and experimentation within your company.

I wish to contribute to Audencia’s entrepreneurial approach: financial and skills-based patronage, sponsoring of creative initiatives, etc.

I wish to benefit from Audencia’s entrepreneurial guidance: start-up studio, exploration projects, innovation development, etc.