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Multi-Capital Performance Chair

08 December 2020
Audencia launches a unique Integrated Multi-Capital Performance Chair

Audencia has created the very first global research centre aimed at transforming the accounting profession of the future, by offering integrated multi-capital accounting to companies of all sizes. Audencia’s new Integrated Multi-Capital Performance Chair is supported by three major founding partners: L'Oréal, Danone and PwC France, as well as Datamaran, Invivo, the Institute of Internal Auditors France (IFACI) and the French Institute of Statutory Auditors (CNCC).

Transforming the finance profession

At a time when companies have a vital role to play in preparing tomorrow’s world, the new research centre’s aims are: to strengthen multi-capital measurement and control systems through innovation; to participate in international standardization; and to support the transformation of teams and professionals in France and internationally. In recent months, many mission-driven initiatives have emerged in response to the need of transforming current models. Aware of the needs and major challenges of sustainable development accounting for organisations, Audencia has developed a dedicated research centre which is unique in the world: the Integrated Multi-Capital Performance Chair.

Through innovation, the Chair aims to go beyond financial accounting to strengthen companies’ multi-capital measurement and control systems (financial, social, environmental, cultural, and so on). Through its network of experts and stakeholders, the Chair will contribute to the international standardization of ​​multi-capital performance. Then, through the dissemination of its work and collaboration with organisations, the Chair will support the transformation needed, particularly within finance departments. 

Delphine Gibassier, Professor at Audencia and world expert in sustainable development accounting, is the Holder of the Chair. She is also part of the European Project Task Force on non-financial reporting standards (PTF-NFRS).

The objectives of the Chair are: 

  • To offer integrated multi-capital accounting to companies of all sizes (Multinationals, SMEs), with the objective of supporting management control, internal control and reporting to stakeholders, while ensuring compatibility with international standards, sustainable development goals and planetary limits.
  • To support the accountancy profession by training teams of accountants and controllers in sustainable development, understanding standards and providing insight into current events and developments.
  • To participate in efforts to harmonise national, European and international standards for multi-capital accounting by feeding the thinking of standardisation bodies through research.

To achieve this last objective, Audencia Executive Education has developed, with Delphine Gibassier, the Chief Value Officer MBA (benefiting in France from RNCP * level 7 certification, formerly level I). It is the only MBA in the world that links integrated thinking, value creation, responsible strategic leadership and an international dimension. The first class is expected in September 2021.


Prestigious partners

The Integrated Multi-Capital Performance Chair relies on the support of several partners of national and international renown. L'Oréal, Danone and PwC France and Maghreb are the three great founding partners.

Building on the results of its first sustainable development programme launched in 2013, L’Oréal, a French listed company and world leader in the cosmetics industry, has announced L’Oréal for the Future, its new sustainable development programme, which includes renewed objectives to be achieved by 2030. Within the context of ever more pressing environmental and social challenges, L’Oréal is accelerating its transformation in terms of sustainable development and inclusion and aims to bring all of its activities within "the planet’s boundaries". This vision is reaffirmed by this partnership that focuses on the major issue of sustainable development accounting for organisations.

A multi-local company among food industry leaders, Danone aims to inspire healthier and more sustainable eating practices and to create long-term sustainable value for all of its stakeholders. Support for the Chair is part of this endeavour.

Meanwhile Consulting firm PwC France and Maghreb is also pursuing the ambition to reconcile business, economy and society. Support for the Chair is part of this commitment. PwC France and Maghreb President Bernard Gainnier calls for "imagining new accounting and financial frameworks to measure the overall performance of companies, their value creation, and societal and environmental impacts; this has become one of the strategic challenges for all companies and their leaders. We believe that the company of the future will play a key role for the collective interest: a business project can only have meaning if it acts at the heart of society and in the service of humankind ".

The Chair is also supported by other partners, for 4 years: the Institute of Internal Auditors France (IFACI), the French Institute of Statutory Auditors (CNCC), Datamaran, the only software analytics platform in the world for external and ESG risk monitoring, and InVivo, particularly interested in enhancing multi-capital performance in the context of financing the agricultural and food transition.

The Integrated Multi-Capital Performance Chair also has a scientific committee with four members: Hélène Le Teno, Jean-Noël Thorel Foundation Director, Geneviève Ferone Creuzet, Prophil co-founder and partner (think-and-do tank on new economic models serving the common good), Philippe Peuch-Lestrade,   Senior Strategic Advisor to the IIRC and Patrick de Cambourg, ‘Autorité des Normes Comptables’ Chairman.

Within Audencia, the new Chair already offers Grande Ecole students the opportunity to study on the Business Societal Impact course and absorb the lessons learnt from the many case studies published in recent months. Finally, an Executive training programme already exists, in particular the above-mentioned Chief Value Officer MBA, which will open in 2021.


About Audencia 

Founded in 1900, Audencia is among the best European business schools.  Regularly ranked in the world’s upper tier by The Financial Times, Audencia is accredited by EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA. It is therefore part of the small number of schools worldwide who hold this ’triple crown’ accreditation. First French management school to adhere to the UN’s   Global Compact, and also a signatory of its Principles of Responsible Management Education, Audencia has long been committed to educating and guiding tomorrow’s responsible managers and entrepreneurs. Audencia offers programmes in management and communication from bachelor to doctoral level. The school has signed accords with 300 international academic institutions and more than 180 national and international firms. Audencia is home to more than 5,600 students, close to 136 faculty and has a network of over 28,000 alumni. For more information visit: and follow us on Twitter @audencia.

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